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Our friendly staff are very happy to assist you with the lodgement of your glass claim. In the event of a glass breakage at your home, office or place of business, your insurance company may have overlooked telling you, as the policyholder, you are free to choose your preferred Perth glazier for your glazing needs. Imperial Glass provides a one stop shop for all your glass replacement & frame repairs. Guarantees on workmanship and will provide you with a certificate of compliance should you require one.

• Invoice your nominated insurance company directly
• Stress free process on completion of our one-page form

To download our one page insurance claim form click here

Do you have a specific design in mind? Need to replace a unique piece of glass? Want to have a glass wall? Need an unusual shaped glass or mirror panel?

Worry no more! Imperial Glass is here to attend to your needs and will wow you with our expertise and quality service. We can source, manufacture and install all your custom glass requirements. Glass canopy’s, coloured splashback panels, slumped glass designs or custom shower screens let us help you with your next project.
• Alternative glass thickness
• Edging
• Coloured glass
• Patterned Glass 

Digital imaging on glass is the latest innovation in the glass industry, but what exactly is it?

We now have the technology to imprint your favourite image, pattern or company logo onto a glass panel. The options are endless and can create a unique aesthetic for your home or office.

In today’s modern world, manufacturing glass has evolved substantially towards a fast-phased approach to innovation. All Digital Imaged glass supplied by Imperial Glass meets the AS/NZ 2208 Grade A Safety Glass Standards.

Digital imaging on glass is an ideal choice for just about any application including bar fronts, splashbacks, balustrades, shower screens, lift interiors and building facades. Another benefit of this unique glass product is that if a panel is ever damaged, it can be replaced with an exactly matching panel due to the digital printing process.
Double Glazing

Imperial Glass can assist with all your Double-glazing needs for all your windows and doors. Double Glazing helps to support heating and cooling efficiency to your property. Double glazing is where two pieces of glass are fitted together with a space between them. The space between the two sheets is what creates the barrier providing the best protection from the harsh Australian elements.

• Noise reduction
• Thermal comfort
• Cost savings
• Energy efficiency
• Security   

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